All our contacts are non-prescription colored contacts. At this time we do not sell prescription contacts due to the high cost of keeping them in stock. We have Mesmereyez brand contact solution storage kits to store your contacts in. Please note that if you buy cheaper contacts at other on-line stores that you may be purchasing ONE DAY ONLY contacts so make sure you ask the seller if they are one day contacts as this is important to know so you don't wear them more than one day. Doing so can cause you severe eye damage. Eye safety is our number one priority. We will never sell you one day contacts and lead you to believe you can wear them for a year. If you see contacts in the $10 range most likely they are ONE DAY ONLY contacts so beware of that on other sites. We are aware of the sites that does that and despite repeated attempts to get them to let customers know they are buying one day contacts the reason they are so cheap they have refused to let their customers know. If there is a color you are looking for and you do not see it here please e-mail me and I will attempt to get them for you at no additional cost to you. We sell one day, one month, and three month contacts.