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Hydrofirm 1 oz / 30 mL
Certified Organic With Fruit & Plant Extracts 
  • Its synthetic tripeptide help reduces the muscular contractions on the face and movements of cells so as to increase smooth smoothness and minimize wrinkles. Promotes the production of vital ceramides that help with binding of fatty acids and cholesterol to the skin to minimize the loss of moisture. It has natural anti-bacterial lipids known as phytosphingosine that help with enhancing the retention of moisture in the skin.
  • Cocoa Seed Butter – Its polyphenols help promote the firmness of the skin and reduce the visibility of aging symptoms. It promotes the hydration of the skin.
  • Vitamin C – It contains antioxidants that help neutralize free radicals and prevent their damage to the skin.

Also contains; Apple Extract, Tomato extract

DIRECTIONS: Apply evenly over the face and neck. Use twice daily as part of your anti-aging regime or as needed for added moisture. 

Net wt: 1 fl oz. (30 ml)

About the product
  • DEEP HYDRATION- Our natual face cream will moisturize to the base of your skin, not just on the surface, which lasts up to 8-12 hours. Non-greasy formula fully absorbs and leaves no residue. A little goes a long way to instantly sooth dry, damaged skin.
  • REPAIR AND PROTECT- Our natural facial moisturizer repairs damaged cells, stimulates new cell growth and restores your skin’s natural PH balance. ANTI AGING by stimulating collagen production, strengthen fibers, improve elasticity, protect from damaging free radicals while reducing fine lines and wrinkles.
  • SAFE AND EFFECTIVE- This hypoallergenic formula is made for sensitive skin-- even safe for children. Non-oily and won’t clog pores so safe to use on face, hands, body and feet. No toxins, fragrances, fillers, alcohol or parabens. Since () with your skin’s natural biology-- it suits all skin types whether dry, oily, combination or damaged skin.
  • INCREASE SKIN’S HYDRATION & IMPROVE TEXTURE – A deeply-penetrating, age-defying spa-quality moisturizer, Allumiere helps boost your natural collagen production and hydrate your pores with hyaluronic acid and essential peptides.
  • Designed to help create smoother, softer, more toned skin, use our age-defying moisturizer daily to clarify and brighten your skin and say goodbye to wrinkles, fine lines and dark spots.