• $39.00

PRODUCT: Younique Beachfront Self-Tanning Body Lotion

Size: 4 fl. oz. (It is a pretty large tube)

Best self-tanner on the market. I only have two left and it has been discontinued so grab it before we are sold out!

Get an instant, natural sun-kissed look minus the sun’s harmful rays with the Younique Beachfront Self-Tanning lotion! you to easily achieve a perfect bronze without leaving the house: The genius ultra-hydrating formulas provide gradual results for a natural-looking glow with controllable intensity.


1. Prep your skin: exfoliate
This step is absolutely essential. The products work on the outer layer of your skin so you want a clean surface for the product to work with. I’ve personally found that exfoliating the day before I plan to use the tanners works best (or at least 12 hours). (Whatever you decide to use, make sure it’s not oil based, as that repels the tanner. If you do opt for oil, don’t apply the self tanner immediately after cleansing).

Right before I apply it, I do one last thing — especially since I didn’t just get out of the shower as some people do; I wipe down my legs with a towel, just to make sure there’s nothing on them!

2. Put moisturizer on spots where you don’t want color
I fortunately don’t have this issue, but if you have any dark skin spots, I’ve heard that there’s a way to stop them from darkening along with the rest of your skin when you ‘tan.’ Simply apply a bit of moisturizer on them before applying! Moisturizer too repels the color.

3. Apply to dry, clean skin: large areas first!
Time to apply! I prefer to start with the lotion, as I used that over most of my body. There’s a few ways you can apply: with bare hands (washing your hands off after each area), with latex gloves, or — my personal preference — a tanning mitt.

I used the self tanning lotion on my leg, and the spray on my foot! I still can’t get over the amazing difference one application makes.

Start with your ankles and work your way up one area at a time. (I leave my feet, knees, hands, and face — areas that tend to hold more color — for last). I, for example, go from my ankle to my knee, putting a little bit of lotion on and rubbing it in a circular motion. There’s makeup in the lotion so you can see where you’ve been… take your time. The first time I applied, I rushed it, and I ended up missing spots — whoops! I haven’t made that mistake since.

When I’ve worked my whole way up, I use the self-tanning spray, and spray my feet and hands. I then use the mitt and blot both the spray and lotion in. I feel like this makes sure I got the color everywhere, didn’t miss any spots, and helps it look as consistent as possible.

(Note: the lotion is thick, so if you’re ok with a little bit less color, mix the lotion with a moisturizer – a 70/30 ration — and apply that way).

4. Apply to hard to reach places last
Start with your feet, and use the spray. I then use the mitt to blot and blend. Next, I do my hands, then my neck. Last but certainly not least: time for the face! I apply the spray where the sun hits: forehead, cheeks, and chin, and then blend out.

Not only is the self tanning spray easy to use, but it also results in a beautiful natural glow.

5. Allow to dry
Both the spray and the lotion take about 10 minutes to dry. So don’t put your clothes on quite yet! It’s also important to keep in mind that while you’ll definitely see some immediate color, especially with the lotion, it actually takes about 12 hours to develop.

6. Maintain (and build) the color
Now that you have this beautiful glow, how do you keep it up? Easy peasy – moisturize! How long the color will last depends on how fast your skin naturally exfoliates, but I’ve personally found for myself that I can go 3-4 days until it starts to somewhat fade and it’s time to reapply. But want even darker color? Apply more often! It’s really that easy.

What if you make a mistake?
As a newbie, on my very first application I made a cardinal self-tanning mistake. I didn’t exfoliate properly, and I over-rubbed… and that resulted in a few streaks and uneven color. But have no fear! Luckily my sister-in-law is an expert in self-tanning, and to fix stuff like that just use a bit of lemon and baking soda. It’ll help even out your color!

7. Keep taking care of your skin
In addition to moisturizing your skin, be sure to continue to use sunscreen. You may already have a tan (and you can still tan in the sun on top of it), but sunscreen is still your best bet when protecting yourself from UV rays.

8. Enjoy your new tan!
Seriously. I’m in love with my natural-looking tan now – especially when I have it on both my legs and arms. 😉