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I made beautiful jars by hand to match your beautiful brushes. In this set you get a set of TEN brushes by Docolor and I blinged out makeup jars to match. Photos do not do this set justice. In person it is gorgeous. The handles are see through and the top of the brushes has a rainbow effect when you move it around. The brushes also have color in them which is rare in makeup brush. I love color!

The matching jar says, "She Leaves A Little Sparkle Wherever She Goes". The jar is very blingy and sparkly. This jar is a sparkly hot pink with a black ribbon and the god sparkly decoration on the front. Please note I have jars of all color with different sayings on them. Plus you can change brushes if you prefer different brushes. Inbox me if you have specific colors in mind. 

To see better photos go to our Glam'n Bling Facebook page and see the live video of the jar and brushes.

Total set is $51.00 but don't forget to use your discount code for 10% off at checkout to save you some cash.